Saturday, March 31, 2007

SWAN SONG.........

‘I will play the swan and die in music’
I will play the song and suffocate on its words
A mad flapping of wings
A cacophony to thrill the airs
One last attempt to be heard
Before I bow out of your way
That death shall set is known
For the virus has sunk deep
But one wane attempt at rousing the skies
I will shout and I will scream
Full flaunt of survival instinct
Praying for magic melody
To scare the death demons away
The same verses I will repeat
Over and over again
Till they sound beautiful –
At least to me
I was meant to float
To spread my wings and sore
I know my throat is weak
But I will sing
And sing
And screech
In the hope that someone sees
The beauty in the passion behind those screams

journey terminated

Tight rope torn
Hanging on in hope
Caught up in the ropes that used to hold me in place
Why did you hold me before the fall?
Where have you gone?
The child is gone
Splattered in her pink dress
A beautifully tangled mess
Twisted turned
Still I hang
Swinging to unknown beats
Swimming in mindless vacuum
Where is the sandy shore?
Hanging on in hope
Hoping for a little more rope

Journey of your life

A delicate tight rope ride
Trapeze artist in the dark
Carrying the burden of the frightened child
A quiver a shake a shadow
She cringes she cowers she rages she spites
She fights she bites and she wishes she could cry
A jerk a slip a tiny push a gentle shove
She flays her arms
Grasp the past
Desperate attempts to return to the known
To live in the shallow familiar hallow
Of a known life

Clinical surgery
No umbilical cord
No noose
No human tie
A beautiful blue sky
Transactional Cut Dry

Shifting worlds through imbalanced motion
And delicate words
Why doesn’t this tape rewind?

The journey of your life

moving on....

Its time to pack up my life and move on
Its become too familiar a feel
Almost a favourite past time
Sometimes i wonder why I left a few of those nice things behind
Sometimes I wonder why I left at all
Sometimes it just wasn’t my call
Start this journey
Knowing that this too shall pass
Sometimes a little too fast sometimes kinda slow
Come ..let us go…