Saturday, March 31, 2007

SWAN SONG.........

‘I will play the swan and die in music’
I will play the song and suffocate on its words
A mad flapping of wings
A cacophony to thrill the airs
One last attempt to be heard
Before I bow out of your way
That death shall set is known
For the virus has sunk deep
But one wane attempt at rousing the skies
I will shout and I will scream
Full flaunt of survival instinct
Praying for magic melody
To scare the death demons away
The same verses I will repeat
Over and over again
Till they sound beautiful –
At least to me
I was meant to float
To spread my wings and sore
I know my throat is weak
But I will sing
And sing
And screech
In the hope that someone sees
The beauty in the passion behind those screams

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