Saturday, August 19, 2006

embedded deep

Rain she washes my soul – she cleanses the spirit and the clothes and the vultures they sweep down and clean the bones. Blood dripping, dip the beak a little deeper. Deeper, pull out the evil, pluck out the bad seed I know it’s embedded deep. Come cleanse me please. Blood drips, stains the white precious sheet. Help me please……
This will never end. Every end brings with it new beginnings, new pain and new peace – let me swim in my own well, let me search in myself deep. I need to find the person who keeps staring at me. Those eyes they haunt me. What is it you want? Do you not approve of who I am turning to be. The harder I look the more you stare. I need to find you, I need to know who you are and what you mean. Where do you belong? Do I need you to approve?

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