Saturday, August 19, 2006

My opaque myopic vision...

I will tell you the story as it seemed to me
Not like a photograph or a reflection
But what I was told or rather what I wanted to perceive
It began as a dull gray canvas
with maybe a shade of blue
and then there was a splash of Brilliant Burning Red
As it caught my attention I did not see it spread
Orange and yellow with purple highlights
When I looked again
the Angry Red had dissolved herself
lost the resolve
Somehow merged somewhat submerged
Before me was the most glorious sunset
From within her I saw the dragon child rise
Bigger Greener and more Evil he grew
Black Satanic eyes – a forked tongue of an unknown hue
Rings of Smoke – Black Bellowing Charcoal Dust
The gray canvas was now Dark
-with a thousand stars and yet before me
I saw thunder and lightning
A flash of silver – a hero was born
Young and strong
Fearless…….and then I looked away
Though the thoughts they painted on
Green Yellow a streak of white
a dab of blue
The picture is almost done
But the paint will never dry
as I do often decide to add a touch or two.

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