Saturday, August 19, 2006

poems for lovers

Far is where we have to go
Run till we can go no more
Scale the mental blocks
accept things that can’t be explained by reason
Expel all thoughts of treason
Sometimes the emotions like icicles stand on edge
the words – like a knife, cut where it hurts
We just have to hold on
Locked is the door, long is the night
Is it worth the pain?
You decide – I’ll just sit around and wait…..

Hanging on the edge of the precipice
You can’t decide whether to let go
Don’t worry, you are not alone
Don’t think about what is below
It is safe – I promise you
You try to justify that which you don’t need to
Convince yourself till you believe you
Deceiving yourself into believing anything I want you to…..

Let’s see if you can fly
The first step is the toughest
Step out of the birdcage
Come with me and we will fly
or we will die in the try…

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